Final Check

Once completed it was put on the ramp for final check over, the chassis was treated internally with Dinitrol wax oil, all panel seams touched up with more Dinitrol. If that wasn’t enough protection everything excluding brakes was given a clear coat of ACF50




A cubby box was installed

Cubby Box !!

A cubby box was installed in the matching Land rover upholstery.

Pic 100

A high level brake light fitted. New speakers in the rear quarters

Pic 101

Side steps mounted along with colour coded rock sliders, the step brackets were adjusted to sit a little lower so the steps could actually be used and rose jointed braces made to enhance looks and stronger than originals.

Pic 102

The towbar electric socket was mounted in the rear chassis for neatness and protection.

Pic 103

A seal was fitted between the wheel arches and body to add detail.